To Our Neighbors

After speaking with several members of the community we wanted to write another letter to help clarify what we are and are not doing with our land. First, just on a personal note, my wife and I have a daughter. My business partner has 2 boys, one is 4 and one is 7 years old. My wife and I have similar concerns about safety, noise, and privacy, and additionally, we will be living on the property as well. 

1) We will not be putting up a tent. The Prayer Room will be in an actual building. After speaking with several of you and also speaking with the city, we felt that it would be best to have the Prayer Room in a building for various reasons. 

2) We will be taking measures to limit sound coming from the Prayer Room. We are going to put sound-proofing and sound-dampening insulation and panels in the Prayer Room so sound will be minimal. We will also not have loud music at night. 

3) Public access to the Prayer Room will not be 24/7. The Prayer Room will be 24/7 in essence, but it will not be open to public after a certain time each night (e.g. Between 10pm - 6am). People will not be allowed in after a certain time. 

4) We are a non-profit organization and will not be using the land for profit. We will not be putting large rental units or any for-profit rental units on the property.

5) We will be building a fence around the property, for the safety of everyone. People that come to visit the Prayer Room will not have access to your home or backyard or your property. We will also be sure to include safety measures and protocols.  

Please speak to our business manager Luke Garris for more information at


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